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Cedar Wooden Bluebird Bird House KitCedar Wooden Bluebird Bird House KitBird House Kit - Best SellerConstruct your own Bluebird House with six pre-cut 3/4 inch, sustainable cedar wooden boards and simple instructions.  No need for a saw, drill or any other tool except a hammer and screwdriver.

Only top quality cedar is used and all pieces are inspected to ensure that they will provide a tight fit, which is essential to keep drafts out of the bird house.  All pieces are sanded and ready for non-toxic exterior stain or paint of your choice if desired.  Cedar is naturally rot resistant and will last many years without paint.  

This Bluebird Bird House Kit provides the desireable sizes and dimensions that bluebirds like and are attracted to when selecting a nesting cavity. A removable screw is used to provide easy clean-out.  Simply remove the screw to gain access to the inside of the bluebird house
Bat Shelter Location

Where to Put Up Your Bat Shelter

Placing your bat house in the proper place is very important

Placing your bat house in the proper place is very important

Where you mount your bat house plays a major role in the internal temperature. Houses can be mounted on such structures as poles, sides of buildings and tall trees without obstructions. Houses placed on poles and structures tend to become occupied quicker than houses placed on trees. Bat houses should face south to southeast to take advantage of the morning sun. In northern states and Canada, bat houses need to receive at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. It is also advantageous to paint the house black to absorb plenty of heat (when baby bats are born, they need it very warm). Use non-toxic, latex paint to paint your bat house and only paint the outside. Your bat house should be mounted at least 15 feet above the ground, the higher the house the greater the chance of attracting bats. Bats return from migration and awaken from hibernation as early as March in most of the U.S., but stay active year-round in the extreme southern U.S. They will be abundant through out the summer and into late fall. Most houses used by bats are occupied in the first 1 to 6 months (during the first summer the bat house was erected). If bats do not roost in your house by the end of the second summer, move the house to another location.

Information provided by Organization for Bat Conservation.

In the United States and around the world, natural bat habitat is diminishing quickly. Bat houses help bats by providing human-made roosting space when natural habitat is scarce. Bathouses are usually made of wood and simulate natural roosting habitats
Our bat house shelters

Our bat house shelters

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Bat Attic Jr Bat House Shelter Nesting BoxBat Attic Jr Bat House Shelter Nesting BoxBat Attic Jr. Made in the USA. Comes with two 2 in brass screws. Pre-drilled holes at both the top and bottom of the bat attic make it easily mounted to a flat surface of tree. Single compartment bat attic.
Bat Chalet Bat Shelter - LargeBat Chalet Bat Shelter - LargeLarge Bat Chalet. Bats need a home during the daylight hours and these houses are just right. Grooves on the inside fronts and backs provide a place for bats to hang. The Chalet has two compartments and room for a colony of bats. Mount 15-20 feet high on
Bat Condominium Bat House Shelter - 50 BatsBat Condominium Bat House Shelter - 50 BatsThis best seller accomodates over 50 bats and is ideal for a nursing colony. The vertical house contains 4 chambers and can be easily mounted by a hanger on a building or a tree.
Bat House ShelterBat House ShelterThe Audubon Bat Shelter is handcrafted of natural cedar. Bats eat up to 3000 insects a night. Nature’s way of controlling insects. Provides capacity for up to 20 bats.
Bat Mansion Bat House ShelterBat Mansion Bat House ShelterHouses several hundred bats in five chambers plus an attic, which provides for greater temperature stability. Bats seek most comfortable temperture by moving up or down inside the house. A popular house because of its large capacity.
Bat Tower Bat House ShelterBat Tower Bat House ShelterLatest research indicates that the most successful bat houses are mounted on buildings or are free-standing. The innovative bat tower mounts directly on a 4x4 post. The post actually becomes the landing platform, and from there bats climb into the house. The four internal chambers and attic provide for multiple roosting opportunities.
BATchelor Pad Bat House Shelter - 30 BatsBATchelor Pad Bat House Shelter - 30 BatsHouses up to 30 bats in a single chamber. Features include a large screened landing pad, roughened interior surface and an echolocation slot. Designed for cooler locations preferred by solitary males, but also suitable for a small nursing colony.
Cedar Wood Bat House Shelter - Standard (One Cell)Cedar Wood Bat House Shelter - Standard (One Cell)This Bat House Shelter is constructed from Western Cedar. Water tight, glued, nailed, screwed and calked. 14 in. W X 2 3/4 in. D x 26 in H. Cell width: 7/8 in wide.
Cedar Wooden Bat House Shelter KitCedar Wooden Bat House Shelter KitAn educational way to provde shelter for your bats. Made of rough sawn cedar. Proper bottom entrance slot and house size for bats. Accomodates up to ten bats.
Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Bat House Shelter - 150 batsEco-Friendly Recycled Plastic Bat House Shelter - 150 batsRecycled Plastic Bat House will hold up to 150 Bats and is easy to clean and disinfect. Perfect for backyards. 6 x 8.5 x 19.75
Environmentally Eco-Friendly Bat House - DriftwoodEnvironmentally Eco-Friendly Bat House - DriftwoodAn environmentally-friendly bat house in more ways than one! This 4-chambered bat house will provide roosting habitat for 200 beneficial, insect-eating bats.
Environmentally Eco-Friendly Bat House - GreenEnvironmentally Eco-Friendly Bat House - GreenAn environmentally-friendly bat house in more ways than one! This 4-chambered bat house will provide roosting habitat for 200 beneficial, insect-eating bats.
Five Chamber Cedar OBC Bat House - 600 batsFive Chamber Cedar OBC Bat House - 600 bats

OBC Bat House - as seen on TVThe 5 Chamber Cedar OBC Bat House was designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC) to ensure a safe and healthy habitat for bats. This bathouse will easily hold up to 600 bats! 

Cedar OBC Bat House Features:

  • This Bat House is made of the highest quality cedar. Cedar is naturally long lasting and weathers well.
  • The larger size of this bat house has been shown to attract bat colonies better than smaller bathouses.
  • The interior is fully caulked to keep out drafts and ensure a healthy environment.
  • Longer design helps increase occupancy.
  • Thinner chambers and a predator guard help to protect your bat colony.
  • Interior nylon mesh provides for maneuverability, allowing the bats to move around
  • Low Price Guarantee!
Heath Redwood Bat House Bat ShelterHeath Redwood Bat House Bat ShelterGive bats a comfortable home using the Heath Bat House. This shelter features a single chamber which can hold a dozen or more bats. This home is crafted from redwood.
Mini Bat House Shelter - 20 BatsMini Bat House Shelter - 20 BatsThis top seller features a single chamber which will hold up to 20 bats. Features an extended landing pad and an interior covered with screening to provide bats with a maximum foothold. Also includes echolocation slot to help the bats locate the cavity.
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